kinkyGAM is an independent San Francisco community-based not-for-profit education program and social/support network serving the needs of gay/bisexual Asian & Pacific Islander men interested in SM, fetish, kink & leathersex, through sex positive and identity affirming education programs, mutual support and community involvement.

What can kinkyGAM provide?

  • A sense of community for kink-minded gay/bisexual A&PI men.
  • A Safe Space to share personal and sensitive issues with others who have similar backgrounds.
  • The ability to embrace one’s alternative sexuality without stigma or guilt.
  • Support in addressing identity issues due to inner discordance caused by the disparity of racial, cultural and sexual values.
  • Guidance from other kinkyGAMs who can be recognized as role models and mentors.
  • A hands-on opportunity for APIs and their non-A&PI sex-partners to learn about kink and leather sex.
  • The experience of not having to be the only Asian in a kinky environment.
  • An opportunity to serve as a mentor, passing down the collective wisdom of previous generations.
  • A chance to discover my niche in our community and to gain access to making that connection.
  • An opportunity to volunteer and give back to one's community.
  • A way to make new friends from whom there's no need to hide one's kinky side.
  • The validating and affirming power of belonging to a kink-minded A&PI brotherhood free of competition and internalized phobias.